At Jetsetter Travel, we are your one stop shop. Let us help design your ideal travel experience! Be it a quick getaway, or the trip of your lifetime – we have got the experience, resources, knowledge to assist you throughout every step. You're the expert on YOU. So, when you talk, we listen! Our approach is certainly not a 'One Size Fits All' when it comes to the product and services we provide as we understand each Client is unique. We take into consideration your individual needs, ask the right questions and provide the right advice to ensure that the trip we are planning for you exceeds your expectations!


Not only will you get the best deals, advice and service in town, but you will have greater protection where it matters using a reliable, reputable and trusted Travel Agency.

Did you know that the Travel Industry industry was deregulated on the 1st of July 2015? Previously, an industry with very tight controls, Australia now has a much more open market for many new and inexperienced Travel Businesses to emerge. 

Jetsetter Travel is ATAS Accredited. Such agencies that bear the ATAS symbol have met strict criteria in order to become nationally accredited. We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest travel industry standards. Our accreditation means we are among the very best in the industry. We are a credible, well trained and professional business, conducting our business in compliance with Australian Consumer Law and in accordance with ATAS Charter and Code of Conduct. Can your current Travel Agent say the same? 


1. We've Got The Best Deals: Don’t waste your time searching the internet, just talk to one of our local travel experts who already has access to the best deals in the market. The buying power of the Independent Travel Group and their preferred partners gives us access to great travel offers and amazing value, which we then pass onto you! The exclusive product and offering our Agency has is not available to the general public. 

2. Your One Stop Travel Shop: Jetsetter Travel will assist you with every aspect of your holiday from flights to accommodation, ground transport, activities, tours, insurance, documentation, visas and more. There’s so much for you to choose from. Let us do all the time consuming work of planning your itinerary for you with the best tools, knowledge and expertise in the travel sphere. 

3. 24/7 Customer Service Support: No matter where you travel in the world your Jetsetter Travel expert is available to offer you top service only a phone call or email away. Have you thought about who will assist you in an emergency? Without a Travel Agent, you're on your own! Whether you need help on a trip or some extra advice, you are never on your own when you book with Jetsetter Travel. We can liaise with your tour providers, hotel establishments and insurance companies should any assistance be required. 

4. Supporting Your Local Community: Jetsetter Travel is locally owned and operated. We proudly support local Sports Clubs and Community events.  Your support keeps our local community strong.

5. Reliable, Safe & Responsible: Our Agency is ATAS Accredited, meaning we jump through several hoops to make sure our policies, service and operations are in line with the highest industry standards. Not all travel providers can meet such high standards, however at Jetsetter Travel, your privacy, security and peace of mind are very important.Our Travel Specialists take responsibility to ensure that your details are always safe and secure and that you’re always kept informed of travel alerts and schedule changes.

6. We're Your Local Experts! A Jetsetter Travel expert is waiting to save you time and money and to take the stress out of your holiday planning. With their extensive experience and access to industry exclusives, just ask what you're after and we can tailor a unique experience for you, at a price you can afford.