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Introducing people to places and redefining travel hospitality, Jetsetter Travel is located on the doorstep of the world's biggest outdoor playground, and, the second "official" wonder of our beautiful World - Australia's Great Barrier Reef. We are a boutique, retail Travel Agency located in the friendly little town of Ayr, North Queensland. 

Stefania and her team relentlessly strive to provide their clients with a customer service experience unavailable elsewhere - providing genuine, timely and specialized assistance to all. 

At Jetsetter Travel, we are your one stop travel shop. Be it a quick getaway, or the trip of your lifetime – we have the resources, knowledge and experience to assist you throughout every step. Let us help design your ideal travel experience! 

You're the expert on YOU. So, when you talk, we listen! Our approach is certainly not a 'One Size Fits All' when it comes to the product and services we provide as we understand each Client is unique. We take into consideration your individual needs, ask the right questions and provide the right advice to ensure that the trip we are planning for you exceeds your expectations every single time!

As A Queenslander, where in Australia can I travel to?

Got itchy feet? Dying for a holiday? Do you think traveling outside of Queensland is in the 'too hard' basket at the moment with all of the uncertainty about...? WELL... We're here to tell you that interstate travel IS POSSIBLE! Check out our Domestic Travel Map for Queenslander's. We know the world can seem a bit scary at the moment, but we are here to let you know it's not all doom and gloom! We're blessed with the best and in a position to explore this great country of ours sooner than you thought! 

Travel within our state is good to go! How lucky are we to have one of Australia's BEST states to explore?

Northern Territory
As long as you haven't been in an identified active coronavirus hotspot, as a Queenslander, you're good to go! Upon arrival, you'll be required to complete a Border Entry Form.

South Australia
As long as you haven't been in a COVID identified active coronavirus hotspot, as a Queenslander, you're good to go! For Queenslanders, there is no direct restrictions on entry.

Australian Capital Territory
As long as you haven't been in a COVID identified active coronavirus hotspot, as a Queenslander, you're good to go!

New South Wales
As long as you haven't been in a COVID identified active coronavirus hotspot, as a Queenslander, you're good to go! From October 1, Queensland residents will be allowed to travel to Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Richmond Valley and Glen Innes in Northern NSW without having to quarantine on their return. Keep in mind, some areas in NSW are still considered hot-spots. Any Queenslanders returning from NSW hot spots, will be forced to quarantine for 14-days at their own expense.

Western Australia
Presently, Western Australia is closed to all non-essential travel. You can travel there, however with major restrictions in place.

As of October 26, Tasmania will reopen its border to South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT residents. It will remain closed to
all other states and territories until further notice.

Presently, Victoria is closed to all non-essential travel. You can travel there, however with major restrictions in place! Any Queenslanders returning from Victoria, will be forced to quarantine for 14-days at their own expense.

"Sounds easy, but it's not leaving Queensland that I'm worried about. Won't I have to quarantine upon my return home at my own expense" No worries, we hear your concerns. 
Rest assured, if any specific measures pertain to your unique circumstances, we will let you know. For the most part, a lot of Queenslanders from our area wouldn't have recently visited an identified coronavirus hot spot, so quarantine measures upon return won't be necessary.

What is considered an 'Active COVID-19 Hot Spot?' 
To contain the outbreak, authorities have released a list of hotspots all over our Country where Covid-positive people visited while infectious. Based on the relevant state, your Travel Specialist will provide you with further information.

Queenslanders who wish to travel interstate should check the relevant State Government border restrictions that may be in place for the state you wish to visit, at the relevant time. Information listed in this info graphic may be subject to change without notice.

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COVID-19 Update

Although the current COVID-19 global pandemic has presented our entire travel industry with many challenges - we aren't going anywhere.

Jetsetter Travel is still open for business and your booking is secure.

In consideration of the recent social distancing requirements set forth by the Australian Government to stop the spread of COVID-19, we have made some adjustments to our Trading Hours.  

Trading Hours 
Monday - Friday     8:30am - 5:00pm 
Saturday                 Closed
Sunday                   Closed 

During this time, we are working with clients in order of departure date to obtain the very best outcome possible regarding cancellation, credit or amendment options. At this time, our response times will be longer than usual, and we are working tirelessly in conjunction with our trade partners, airlines and suppliers to ensure all clients are contacted and provided updates in the most timely manner possible. 

During this uncertain time, Jetsetter Travel would like to extend our thanks to you and our wider community for their ongoing support, patience and understanding..

The world is far too beautiful to be left unseen, and when the time comes for you to safely embark on your dream holiday again – we will be here for you.

- The  Jetsetter Travel Team

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"We Can't Speak Highly Enough...!" 

Client Testimonial
"Home safe and sound, now in self isolation for 14 days. So glad we had Stefania at Jetsetter plan our holiday. We can't speak highly enough about her proffesionalism, her knowlege, understanding, advice and always going above and beyond. With everything that was going on, Stef kept us up to date which was very reassuring helping us to continue enjoying our holiday. When she advised us that it was best to come home, she made the whole process stress free. Our holiday was only cut short by a couple of days due to COVID-19 restrictions, we feel very blessed & grateful to have gone everywhere we had planned. Thank you so much Stef for making our holiday so special!"

- R. & E. Romeo 

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Why Book with Jetsetter Travel? 

We're Award-Winning. In an industry as widespread as ours it can be increasingly difficult to stand out. Despite this, the Jetsetter Travel Team have made their mark in the National Travel Industry. Below are some of our proud achievements.

2014 - Emirates Scholarship Winner - National Travel Industry Awards

2015 - Outstanding Achievement Award - ITG/ETG 

2016 - Young Agent of The Year (N) - National Travel Industry Awards

2016 - Best Travel Agency (N) - National Travel Industry Awards

2016 - Outstanding Achievement Award - ITG/ETG 

2017 - Best Owner/Manager (N) - National Travel Industry Awards

2017 - Best Travel Consultant (N) - National Travel Industry Awards

2018 - Young Agent of The Year (N) - National Travel Industry Awards

Our Services

  • International & Domestic Flights
  • Accommodation & Holiday Rentals
  • Car, Motor Home & Campervan Hire 
  • Coach & Rail Travel
  • Transfers
  • Ocean & River Cruising
  • Activities, Day Tours & Sightseeing Excursions
  • Tailor-Made, Independent Holidays
  • Entertainment, Sporting & Event Packages
  • Honeymoon & Special Interest Holidays
  • Group Travel
  • Ski Holidays 
  • Organised Tours
  • Fully Escorted Tours – Travel with your Travel Specialist! 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Processing Service
  • Foreign Currency
  • Greyhound Freight Service 

Are you looking for something that isn't listed above? Don't hesitate to reach out to us, we are always more than happy to assist with your query and either provide a solution, or point you in the right direction as to where you can find what you're looking for! 

Contact us today, we can't wait to hear from you.​​​​​!

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5 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent at Jetsetter Travel


1. They're human - just like you! The most basic and powerful way to connect with another person is to listen. Our Human Travel Speclialists will listen to your individual needs, ask questions and tailor the arrangements to suit you, whilst building a genuine connection. Who knows - you might just gain a new friend in your Travel Specialist! 

2. They'll save you hours and dollars! When you want to master a skill, you make it a study. That is exactly what our Travel Specialists have done over the course of their careers and in their day to day tasks. They will provide the very best advice at the very best price to suit your needs. 

3. It's easier to call an Agent than a Computer. Unfortunately, computers can't talk back, and many off-shore providers will be difficult to reach at the best of times (In the rare case you actually know who you're booking with in the first place). Imagine how stressful this could be in an emergency? Our Travel Specialists are available 24/7 to help, and know the ins and outs of your booking to provide the best advice. 

4. They're experts who consider all areas of your holiday! Forget doing your own research. We have the resources and experience to be at the forefront of your travel destination or experience. From the big events not to miss, to the weather patterns on the ground, we make the most suitable recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your holiday. 

5. Buying travel is far too special to do on your own. "See the World. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees. Ask for no security" - Ray Bradbury. We happen to agree with Ray and strongly agree that a single travel experience can indeed change your life forever, in ways you never imagined or understood. 

Love Always,

The Jetsetter Team xo

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